Beards and Broads Stand up with Matt Kona at Club Passim 10pm, 3/21/2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

10:00 pm at Club Passim

Boston Comedy Regular Matt Kona hosts an eclectic group of talented standup comics from all over the country in a special showcase show.

Hosted by: Matt Kona

Featuring:  Becca Trabin, Adam Straus, Anna Phillips, Christine An, Elahe Izadi, Esther Nevarez, Julee Antonellis, Kayla Avery, Lindsay Gonzales, Heather Snow

Beards and Broads with Matt Kona

Matt Kona hosts a diverse lineup of funny standup comedians of both genders doing both broad humor, and specific. Two genders! Some facial hair may apply.

Becca Trabin

Becca rants and raves about this and that and throws in a few one-liners.

Adam Strauss

Adam Strauss’s comedy has been called many things, mostly adjectives. His monologue Varieties of Religious Experience recently premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Anna Phillips

Anna Phillips performs stand up comedy. It will be funny. That is not open to discussion.

Christine An

Christine An, a thoughtful and sensitive and Korean young person, tells jokes about the human condition. Unintentional irony, poignancy, and lists abound.

Elahe Izadi

Elahe Izadi is a D.C.-based standup comic and political journalist. She grew up in rural Maryland and is the daughter of Iranian immigrants who own an Italian restaurant.

Kayla Avery

Kayla tells Jokes!

Lindsay Gonzales

Lindsay Gonzales has had a lifetime of incredible adventures and egregious encounters with outrageous eccentrics. Her comedy a series of witty repartee, rejoinders and retorts

Julee Antonellis

JULEE ANTONELLIS is a unique force in Boston’s comedy community, taking many of the characters she's created to stages from Los Angeles to London.

Esther Nevarez

Esther Nevarez has performed in clubs all around the Detroit area. You can also catch her as part of the hilarious and lovely Laugh Riot Dolls.

Heather Snow

Heather Snow hails from Denver, CO and uses humor about her life experiences to help you feel better about yours.

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