Freedom, Power, Responsibility


Rachel Klein

Saturday, March 23, 2013
10:00 am at Improv Asylum  Location Info / Directions


Learn how to unleash the natural power of the famous comedy "Rule of Three" through exercises and structures inspired by this three-word phrase.

We know that comedy comes in threes, but why? Inspired by patterns that occur in the natural world, Rachel has created a three step process that is applicable to any improv performance that she calls "Freedom, Power, Responsibility" (FPR). Using this method of approaching your work, you'll be guided and inspired toward patterns that unleash the most comedic potential in your performance. This three-step process can be applied to every set of choices made by a group of improvisers together on stage. In the workshop. we'll learn about the technique, then apply it to everything from warm-ups to exercises, games to scenes, and even whole forms. By the end of the workshop, you'll have experienced how FPR naturally reveals the cohesion, clarity, and comedy of every moment and have the tools to use it in your own performing.

Rachel Klein trained at The Second City and iO theater, where she performed with the Harold team Chopper, before moving to Boston in 2008. She is the former Director of Improv at ImprovBoston and the co-wrote of the theater’s current improv curriculum.  As player-coach of Maxitor, ImprovBoston’s veteran Harold cast, she is constantly working to expand the possibilities of the form. Rachel has taught improv workshops throughout the country and beyond, and teaches and directs regularly at both the IB Comedy School and for high school improv teams. Her comedy writing can be seen on the websites such as The Smew, Thought Catalog, and McSweeney's Internet Tendency. Rachel’s improv musings are cataloged in her blog, The House That Del Built.

Time: 10am-12:00pm
Cost: $45