Improv & Sketch Comedy with Firecracker, Naked People, Geeking Out With…Harry Gordon, & Nia Mumbato

Thursday, March 21, 2013

10:00 pm at Improv Asylum

Improv & Sketch Comedy featuring: Firecracker, Nia Mumbato, Naked People, and Geeking Out With…

Improv Asylum is a comedy theater featuring improvisation and sketch comedy (think Whose Line is it Anyway? meets Saturday Night Live!). The "funniest show you'll ever be a part of!"™



Dames don't care! From roommates to Olympic Volleyball champions, Firecracker (Steph Garcia and Danielle Tolley) covers all the bases of female friendship. Inappropriately.


An uncensored, full frontal look at naked. T*ts, *ss, no sh*me.

Geeking Out with: The Improv Show with special guest Harry Gordon

In the spirit of the popular "Geeking Out with..." interview series, Pam geeks out with a smokin' hot improviser she's jonesin' to play with, Harry Gordon.

Nia Mumbato

Nia Mumbto winner of Last Comic Standing Africa is happy to be doing stand-up in America for you. She's got third world problems but the rich ain't one.

WICF headliner Maria Bamford's Lady Dynomite now streaming on Netflix

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