Improv & Sketch Comedy with Rebecca Sohn, Geoff Ross, Somebody's in the Doghouse, & Adrianne Frost

Friday, March 22, 2013

8:00 pm at Improv Asylum

Improv & Sketch Comedy

Hosted by: Leah Gotcsik and Marty Johnson (from Somebody's in the Dog House)

Featuring: Second City's Rebecca Sohn, Geoff Ross's one-man show, sketch comedy from award-winning duo Somebody's in the Dog House, and Adrianne Frost's one-woman character improv show "Be".

Rebecca Sohn in The Live Bex Show

Rebecca Sohn’s hilarious new sketch show directed by Rich Sohn. "Exceptionally clever", "Confident and nimble", "Kind of batty", "Ace improviser", "Profound discomfort"!

Geoff Ross

Geoff Ross brings one character to life who will always be remembered by being so terribly, terribly wrong about everything.

Somebody's in the Doghouse

Doghouse is sketch comedy from Leah Gotcsik and Marty Johnson. Since 2003, they've performed all over the country and written funny stuff for TV, film, and theater.


"be" is a one-woman improvised character show, performed by NYC actress and writer Adrianne Frost.

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