The Tao of Comedy


Bobbie Oliver

Saturday, March 23, 2013
12:00 pm at Nick's Comedy Stop  Location Info / Directions


The Tao of Comedy is an organic, Zen-like approach to standup comedy, which is process-oriented, not goal-oriented. It's focus is comedy as art, not formulas.

Each comic in the workshop will perform a set and receive detailed feedback on material, joke writing, delivery, timing, stage presence, meditation and structuring your act. Instructor Bobbie Oliver has 24 years of stand up comedy experience. She is the author of The Tao of Comedy: Embrace the Pause, due out in 2013. Bobbie works with everyone from newbies to pros; the ongoing workshops in Los Angeles have a 40% return rate. Come with us, grasshopper, and learn the Tao of Comedy.

The Bobbie Oliver approach is organic and extremely positive. The feed-back is very detailed and constructive, and while specific to each individual comic, is placed in real-time and historical context. The workshops are fun and supportive. We provide a safe space to create, experiment and find your own comedy voice.

No formulas. No characters. No props. No stringent through-lines. No wacky catch phrases. Just pure stand-up.

Join our comedy cult, I mean family, of over 650 comedians in Los Angeles and New York who perform, produce, and play together.

Come find yourself, and a few friends along the way, in a journey of self-expression and artistic creativity.

Time: 12-3pm
Cost: $75

**NOTE: This workshop is taking place at Nick's Comedy Stop and not Improv Asylum.

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