Jen & Angie

Academy Award winner/U.S. Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie and People's Choice nominee/Cougar Jennifer Aniston are stranded on a deserted island sans stylists, publicists, and therapists. What will happen when these two women finally have it out? Things will get ugly. It’s survival of the fittest in this half-hour satire that has played to sold-out audiences in both New York and Los Angeles in association with the Upright Citizens Brigade. Comediennes Sara Chase and Christina Casa reprise their roles in the hit show that won't die. Entertainment Weekly's Mike Ausiello calls it "side-splitting." Jen & Angie was an official selection at the The International Fringe Festival, and has also played the offices of OK! Magazine and US Weekly. Jen & Angie has been featured by Page Six, TV, KTLA, the Associated Press, OK! Mag, US Weekly, and has been named a must-see by LA Weekly and HX Magazine. They also love us in Sweden. We still don't know why! Written by Laura Buchholz (Prairie Home Companion) and Christina Casa (, produced by Sara Chase ("The Other Guys"), with direction by Susannah Becket (UCB LA.)

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