Felicia Michaels

I came into the world an Army brat. Moved here, moved there, landing at the corner of trailer park and military housing. I learned how to load a gun, dodge a social worker and make an exit plan - before I could even drive. My escape came via the doors of a strip joint coined the Peppermint Lounge. It's there that I met a comic, became a comic, won this and won that. I pounded the road hard, picked up a camera, did beaucoup TV, married my manager, then quit the biz - because more than anything in the whole wide world, I really wanted kids. There were times between baking cupcakes, changing diapers and daydreams, that I would dress up fancy for Hollywood brunches. Sometimes I would find myself droning on about art, vintage furniture and the irony of disappointing love. I would even catch myself saying things like, "Less is more, clean lines are timeles and carefully considered materials are always enduring." When in reality, I only liked a certain dresser because my grammie had one on the side porch. Soon enough, I knew, I needed to make another exit plan. Today, I'm a single mom and proud to say - once again - a working, professional stand up comic.

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