Somebody's in the Doghouse

Somebody's in the Doghouse is sketch comedy from Leah Gotcsik and Marty Johnson. They take the magnificent truths of our society—double standards, awkward small talk, pregnancy, and Charlie Sheen—and put them in the doghouse where they belong. Their latest revue has been running at UCB NY since June 2011. These 2011 & 2010 Friar’s Club Improv and Sketch Competition finalists have toured festivals across the country and sailed the ocean with the Second City. They've written funny stuff for TV, film, and theater. Now they are going to perform the SH*T out of this show for you. Yes. YOU. Starring, written & directed by Leah Gotcsik & Marty Johnson “Somebody’s in the Doghouse…create solid characters with big payoffs.” –TimeOut NY "Two women that make me laugh wearing moustaches or sweater sets." -Bust Magazine "Comedic writing forces to be watched." Check out their website:

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