Harry Roasts America! Ladies' Edition!

In the classic Roast style, Harry Gordon and Ryan Douglass put all of America in the Hot Seat. Hilarious, offensive, daring and fun. Mixed with current video, commentary, satire and all-out forceful attack, “Harry Roasts America” runs riot over the roadway of American freedom. Join Harry as he grabs bits and nubbins of America's media, politicians, sports, entertainment and god fearing folk and rakes American life and culture over the coals. With regular show features such as 'This Week in Being Fat', 'F*#!ing Rhode Island' and 'What's Bill O'Reilly Furious, Wrong or Gay About This Time?', the Roast has fast become one of Boston's favorite ways to bite back and get bitten. Joined by Producer Ryan Douglass in classic talk show sidekick role, the pair create a fun and gleeful celebration of all things funny and horrid about America. Harry's been threatened to be beaten up after a show only once. So far. Nick Zaino of the Boston Globe rates Harry as "Flat out one of Boston's best comedic actors and improvisers." To see a burning hot preview of the show open the oven at www.harryroasts.com

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