Jessica Gross

Born on the tough streets of a small suburb in South Florida, Jessica Gross was shocked to discover that she was in fact “born on a pirate ship surrounded by apples.” (Repeat the part in quotations while holding your tongue.) While her father and stepmother were fast asleep, Jessica would quietly watch shows such as SNL, Letterman, and Leno. Throughout high school, Jessica acted out her quirky sense of humor, to become runner-up for “Class Clown.” (She lost to a girl with a lazy eye). After graduating school she tried Marriage, College, Divorce, waitressing, Interior Designing and Soul Food Cooking, but she found true happiness in making others smile. Today she is one of the brightest stars of Miami’s burgeoning comedy scene. Once described as a “pain in the ass,” “a total smart aleck” and “absolutely, 100% ridiculous,” she’s since developed these traits into a promising career as a featured comedian, illustrator, a host and a new media producer. She lives in New York with her dog, Maynard.

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