All These Things Are True, But Some of Them Didn't Happen

The United States has run out of helium. Stephen Hawking may be able to prove the existence of God with a math equation, but he dumped his wife for his nurse. Lab rats are dispatched with a tiny guillotine. The Singing Nun had a sad end. In "All These Things Are True, But Some of Them Didn't Happen", Jane Morris explains these facts through the eyes of 6 different characters in a hilarious look at science, theology and everyday living. With the brilliant and provocative music of Second City legend, Fred Kaz to punctuate each story, we visit the last tour of the National Resource Center where the last of our nation's helium is stored, the home of the most boring woman in the world, NASA, for a look at who tests the toilets for the space shuttle, the ex-wife of Stephen Hawking, and Hell. It's not everyday that you'll have the theory of relatively explained to you by a drunken floozy in a bar or find out what really happens in the afterlife. Relentlessly funny, thought provoking and full of delight "All These Things" takes you to places you never knew existed. And by the way, you never grow older. You just keep getting a new head.

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