Jessimae Peluso

Jessimae Peluso is quickly becoming one of the most prominent female voices in the comedy world. The blonde haired, brown eyed comic was born and bred in Syracuse New York. From a very young age she had what it took to make people laugh, wether is was doing impressions of her parents or mocking the teacher for her classmates. This vivacious broad moved from Syracuse to Boston, and was selected as an original cast member of the improv group "The Tribe". These 3 years of improv training are what fuel Jessimae's spontaneous style on stage. Now living in NYC, Jessimae has been performing stand up for a couple of years honing her skills & working the circuit. Jessimae's comedy is packed with unique and honest observations of humanity; influenced by everything from her personal experiences with men to her fear of becoming an old woman. She has a natural ability to bring a sense of spontaneity to every show she does. Never once using her looks to her advantage, Jessimae instead reveals her own insecurities in her humor. It is her quick wit, fearless delivery and off-the-wall physicality that sets Jessimae Peluso apart from your average comic. You'll want to google her after a show.

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