Hardcore Boris and Friends

Hardcore Boris is the rapping alter-ego of comedian Boris Khaykin, and ONE. BADASS. MOFO. He has been featured on Comedy Central's Atom TV and numerous shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater including reoccurring appearances on the Chris Gethard Show where he once made out with a live dog. Teen pop sensation 2Shi (Olivia Whelan) will open the show with DJ Stepdad, her DJ and stepdad (Boris Khaykin) followed by a raucous hip hop concert like you have never seen. There will be slow jams. There will be crunk-ass club beats. There will be duets with guests such as Beena Steena (Mara Herron) and Sabrina Jalees. You could hypnopedia Wu-Tang every night for a year and you will still not be ready for this show.

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