Beantown Brat

This show is about Kevin Laferriere's observations over the course of his life. Kevin Laferriere is the youngest of three boys who grew up in small town Dracut, MA. He talks about being a patient transporter in a hospital and the absurd amount of responsibility he was given considering he has no previous training and(oh yeah!) it's a seriously demented place to work! This show also explains how Kevin has adjusted to living in NYC for the last 6 years. For example, Kevin worked at FAO Shawrz on fifth avenue as a toy soldier. One day, a bunch of unmarked cars carrying the prime minister of Pakistan drive up to the street and several men with semi-automatic weapons jump out and "Ordered" Kevin to "Order" everyone inside the toy store. One never knew a Toy Soldier costume could be so convincing. Many stories similar to this are talked about in detail leading up to his proposal and all the responsibilities men are expected NOT to do.

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