Janey Godley: Good Godley!

Married into a family of big-time Glasgow crooks at the age of 17, Godley is a hard-as-nails gangster’s moll who honed her patter on the mean streets and in the pubs of the city’s East End. Often referred to as the 'Female Billy Connolly' the show is filled with stories of midnight police raids, Semtex in the laundry room and encounters with the battle-scarred members of the Glasgow razor gangs. Good Godley also lets you into the tale of her own childhood, her relationship with her public school-educated daughter, and her inner dialogue with the big black man who lives inside her head. These are stories you would expect from a woman who knows how to talk to men whose faces have been slashed from ear to ear. "The Glasgow Comedy Queen" (The List) "Compelling... ballsy... a breath of fresh air" (The Guardian) "The most outspoken female stand-up in Britain" (Daily Telegraph) "The greatest British improviser of her generation" (What's On Stage) "Some of the sharpest-elbowed comedy in the world" (New York Times) "Scotland's funniest woman... the Godmother of Scottish Comedy" (The Scotsman)

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