Stacey Hallal - Irregardless

Comedian Stacey Hallal returns to her home state to perform an excerpt from her stand up show, Irregardless. Hallal delivers smart, sharp insights with such a winning charm that you never even feel the sting. Though primarily stand up, Irregardless showcases a variety of comedy styles. Hallal moves effortlessly from stand up to songs to storytelling while exploring a range of topics from marriage to tramp stamps to robots. Her presentation and perspective are fresh, but what makes her funniest is that she hits a common chord that resonates with the audience not only in the moment, but also well beyond the end of the show. Trained at the famed Second City in Chicago, Hallal went on to found the Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, Oregon. Bob Hicks of the Oregonian says, “Comic actress Stacey Hallal has a face that can rise like a puff pastry or fall like a mob informer with an anvil tied ‘round his feet. Her eyes can pop like a Looney Toons critter’s, and she can stretch a grin as crazy-wide as Jack Nicholson’s in “The Shining.” Her voice has the same cockeyed flexibility, and she uses both to highly amusing other words, she’s a genuine talent."

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