Velveeta is a founding member of “The Cheeto Girls,” Toronto’s premiere trio of drag queen song parodists. Skewering celebrities from Nicole Scherzinger to Gwyneth Paltrow, the group's performances have been a staple at Toronto Pride for the past 4 years. Velveeta wrote the lyrics to “Fellabone (The Grindr Song)” which is “The Cheeto Girls” biggest hit to date with over 100 000 Youtube views. The video for the song was featured on World of Wonder, and the song itself was performed by British drag group “3AM Crew“ at Trafalgar Square during London Pride. In late 2011, when a Beyoncé impersonator called Velveeta the Beyoncé of the group, she decided to take the leap and fly solo. Naturally, a diva was born. Mixing saucy dance moves with sassy lyrics (not to mention outfits that put the “attire” in satire, Velveeta has blossomed into a pop parodist who is pa-ready to blow your mind!

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