Nia Mumbato

Nia Mumbato is in Boston! In 2009 Nia appeared on the hit African TV show Last Comic Standing-AFRICA! She packed her bags, left her village and is in America for a short time--LEGALLY. Coming off performances at the Upright Citizens Brigade NYC, The Peoples Improv Theater, and Gotham Comedy Club where she was a finalist for the Andy Kaufman Award Nia brings her upbeat attitude and bare feet to the stage. Bring your fake Louis Vuitton's and leave your blood diamonds at home and watch Nia live. Laughing at Nia is easier than donating to an African cause and less dangerous than driving with Sally Struthers. Being called the African Yakov Smirnoff, Nia brings the truths of a land far far away harder than a watching a 30 minute viral video. Laugh at TOTAL JOKES when Nia comes to Bean Town, HELL she's just happy to be eating. She's got third world problems but a joke ain't one.

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