Hidden Falls: Sing Out, Sister!

In honor of the WICF, Hidden Falls is concentrating all of our female persuasions into one smart, strong, sexy, show. Hidden Falls:Sing Out Sister! is a musical theater performance the likes of which you've never seen! (And never will again!) That's because every aspect of the show is completely improvised. The scenes, the music, the lyrics, and any incredible attempt at choreography! It's all pulled out of thin air and based on audience input at the top of the show. Hidden Falls is comprised of an all-star cast of some of Boston's funniest improvisers. Sing Out, Sister! will heavily feature our members with two X chromosomes, lungs full of magic, and brains full of comedic gold. They are accompanied by a fearless band of talented musicians from here and beyond, led by musical director Steve Gilbane. Hidden Falls:Sing Out, Sister! will take you to places you never imagined, and have you humming and singing along the whole time!

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