Niki Luparelli

Press Quotes and things Celebrities have actually said to Niki Luparelli "Something mixed between Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop, and Kathy Griffin"- Scene Reports "Incomparable Chanteuse Extraordinaire"- “By the end of the night, Luparelli had pulled two pairs of maracas out of her cleavage; her corset must be like the Tardis.”- the Boston Phoenix "Wow, you smell really good." Davy Jones, the Monkees, RIP "You're $%^&*@ hilarious." Steven Wright, comedian "If you run for mayor, if I'm still alive, I'll campaign for you." Former Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci From Boston, (where she was nominated “Best Female Comedian 2012 in the Boston Examiner) to Madame Jojo’s in London, Niki caresses with her classically trained/abused voice then sucker punches with her bawdy patter and mastery of the absurd, not to mention the ridiculous amount of items she can pull out of her bra like a magician, or Mary Poppins’ carpetbag. She appeared in the 2004 Las Vegas Comedy Festival (with the Steamy Bohemians), the Boston Comedy Festival 2002-2007

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