Margie Mintz

After graduating from the University of Oregon, Margie moved to New York to start her standup career. A fixture on the NY underground scene, she founded Hold For The Laughs, a monthly fundraiser for indie theatre companies, and Now We’re Talking, a weekly show at the rowdy and wonderful Rodeo Bar. Her comedy is true, personal stories that people either relate to or say “I’m so glad I’m not her.” Sometimes people say she reminds them of a young Catherine O’Hara, but most often, “She reminds me of my little sister.” Margie now lives in Los Angeles, where she hosts the standup show “French Toast” at Taix. She has performed standup at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and has acted in sketches for Comedy Central’s “Important Things With Demetri Martin.” She's also married with a baby son and five-year-old dog.

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