Lianne Mauladin

Lianne Mauladin delivers her unique style of Canadian rocker chick stand-up. Performing across Canada and the US, this edgy lady keeps her audience laughing by blindsiding them with the unexpected. Lianne shoots from the hip and her comedic performance can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Lianne performed at the Durham Region Comedy Festival 2011, at the Out of Bounds Festival 2011 in Austin, Texas and at the Frigid Festival 2010 & 11 in NYC as part of the Canuck Cabaret. She is a founding member of "Stand-Up For Your Sisters", a charitable collaborative, and is the host and producer of the "Mary-Janes of Comedy", the longest running all female show in Toronto. She produces a touring Mary-Janes show that features a 4 woman line up with Lianne Mauladin headlining, and also performs with the Full Bawdy Comedy Show. Lianne was selected by the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund to perform in the annual Freshmeat Showcase '10 and qualified for and competed in many high end comedy contests including the NYC Comedy Contest, Bite TVs Stand Up and Bite Me and Yuk Yuks Great Canadian Laugh Off. Her comedy has been recorded and televised on Bite TV, CBC, XM radio and Rogers TV

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