Robby Hoffman

Ever wonder what it’s like to be born the 7th child to a single hearing-impaired Jewish mother? Remember that old lady who lived in a shoe, who had all those kids, she didn’t know what to do? That rhyme was based on Robby’s mother. If you thought buying your first training bra was bad, be thankful you weren’t in Wal-Mart with you hands over your face because your mother was holding out two bras screaming sizes at you because she thought screaming was whispering. Two-parts Larry David and one-part Ellen, this twenty-five year old hypochondriac is a bundle of neuroses. Happy to spend most afternoons in the hospital waiting room undergoing precautionary measures to combat her latest certain-to-be-fatal ailment, Robby is on a first name basis with most of the staff. All the way from Brooklyn, New York, Robby moved to Montreal with her family in the 90’s where she learned the joys and horrors of the great white north. Turns out knowing Yiddish isn’t exactly a transferable skill. It’s no wonder Robby sees life somewhat differently- through a more neurotic, not quite pessimistic, hilariously charming point of view. Meet the woman whose hilarity has tickled audiences all over!

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