Ellen Karis

Ellen Karis is the “Greek Goddess of Comedy” and has performed stand-up comedy all over the US and Canada. Ellen can easily entertain any crowd with her brand of sarcastic, observational humor rooted in her conflict of being raised as a traditional Greek American woman in a modern world. Many have described her delivery as “Richard Lewis-esque” given her energy and passion in joking about her recent marriage, her very large and loud family and the idiosyncrasies of the ever changing world we live in. Ellen is very popular in the Greek American community being one of the few Greek female stand-up comedians performing today and has recently released her new Greek Comedy DVD “Greek Chicks Rule”. Starting out her career as a CPA, she parlayed her quick wit and job experience on Wall Street to become a panelist on numerous Cable TV News shows, talk radio, co-hosts a weekly blog radio show and a Blog "Rants From the Greek Goddess of Comedy". Ellen is also an accomplished actress having been in several independent films and TV shows including “The Sopranos”, often being asked if she played Tony’s girlfriend Gloria.

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