Alyssa Wolff

Alyssa Wolff is a New York City-based stand-up comedian and writer who has performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the She-Devil Festival, and in clubs all over the country. However, only a year ago, in November of 2011, Alyssa had yet to even step on a stage. After graduating from Harvard in 2008 with an English degree, she landed a job in book publishing, and felt committed to a career surrounded by authors, artists, and other creative types. A few years went by, and Alyssa stayed the course. However, she knew something was missing in her life. Feeling frustrated at work, and defensive at home, Alyssa decided to take a stand-up comedy class thinking it would be cheaper than therapy. Alyssa uses her comedy to reveal her inner monologue that is often kept under wraps during social situations, and points out the flaws she sees in the world. But as ridiculous as she finds everyone else, she finds most of her material comes from her most pathetic subject: herself.

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