Wes Hazard

Raised on the never mean (but often inconsiderate) streets of suburban Boston, Wes Hazard never really thought about being a comic in his youth. However, by the time he was 20 he began to suspect that the growth spurt he’d been banking on was probably never going to come and he was forced to hang up his dreams of sumo glory; hence the microphone. He’s since found incredible joy (along with frequent bouts of abject despair) in his study & practice of the comic art and considers himself extremely lucky to be able to get on stage to entertain people. A 2011 resident at the famed Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA and selected to perform in the 2012 Boston Comedy Festival, Wes Hazard is a hard working and very funny performer. Whether he’s deconstructing the politics of 80s cartoons, analyzing race in post-Obama America, or obsessing about the everyday things that make life a little surreal for us all Wes Hazard is able to delight audiences with his wit, insight and energy. He wishes you nothing but the best.

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