Geeking Out with: The Improv Show with special guest Harry Gordon

Imagine this. You’re a (lady)balls-to-the-walls, hopeless improv geek. You love talking about improv, rehearsing improv, and, most of all, performing improv. And on this one night, you get to hang out and improvise with one of your comedy heroes. You’re imagining “Geeking Out with: The Improvised Show” in which Pam Victor brings the spirit of her popular “Geeking Out with…” blog interview series to the stage in a totally improvised show. Pam and her super special guest, Harry Gordon of Improv Asylum, artfully alternate between short interview geek out sessions and the freeform improvised scenes their discussions inspire and build on. The show begins as Pam asks Harry any question she can dream up about improv philosophy, the meaning of life, and super nasty secrets from his past. Then Pam and Harry go toe-to-toe in a series of improvised scenes inspired by their tête-à-têtes. Back to the interview again and then back to making improv magic, they mingle talk and play, fact and fiction, reality and imagination…and then Pam’s head explodes because she’s so friggin’ psyched, she can’t take it any more. You’ve read the series, now see the show.

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