Rebecca Sohn in The Live Bex Show

Meet a bunch of batty characters in Rebecca Sohn’s hilarious new solo sketch show directed by Rich Sohn. Nina Metz of The Chicago Tribune said a bunch of useable things about it! “Confident and nimble, Sohn… has an unbounded enthusiasm for her characters that brings to mind Gilda Radner and Tracey Ullman.” Can you believe that shit!? “She is exceptionally clever about shaping her ideas into fully realized comedic scenes.” Thanks to my director, yo! “The show is funny but also kind of batty. That's the best combination you could ask for, and it defines each idea she tackles, from the increasingly bizarre self-narrated silent movie spoof, to the hilariously embittered letter to the child she never intends to have, to the eighth-grade sex-ed teacher she plays as a bundle of tics and profound discomfort.” Whoa, don’t give it all away, Nina! “It's worth mentioning that Sohn is also an ace improviser.” I’ll take it! As a finalist for the Andy Kaufman Award Rebecca brought her off-kilter characters to New York in 2011. She currently improvises in Almost ATLANTA (Second City, Annoyance, Steppenwolf Garage), Virgin Daquiri (IO Chicago) , In A World (Annoyance) and Switchboard

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