Punching Yourself Up: Stage Writing for the Consummate Comic

We've all seen the comic that goes up night after night, week after week, month after month doing the SAME jokes, using the same words, the same expressions, with the SAME set order again and again...None of us want to be that guy (or girl). We can all agree that stand-up is about finding the words that work the best, but how do you get lasting material from the story that killed that one time at that one open-mic? How come it didn't work the next time, or the time after that? This workshop is NOT an improv class or a writing class, it's a class about thinking on your feet and developing your material so it's richer and fuller every time you perform it. You will learn techniques about how to expand your material and take your work to the next level from developing the original idea, to preparing untested material for stage trial, to revising material before, during and after each performance, to tagging and re-tagging your jokes and keeping things fresh. Learn how to mine as much humor as possible out of each set and challenge yourself to keep re-working your material until it's built to last. Bring your notebook and recorder and be prepared to think on your feet and write onstage!

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