We're From Here

We're From Here is a powerhouse trio of ladies who explode into an improvised universe based on the single suggestion of a location. The seasoned improv vets fearlessly tackle issues of age, gender, nationality and anything else that comes up, while thoroughly examining relationships that arise in each scene. Their shows are energetic, compelling, and convincing; filled with hilarious situations and characters that flow from the familiarity these three best friends feel on stage with each other. We’re From Here has been a featured group at the Big City Improv Festival in Toronto, the Boston Improv Festival, the Spontaneous Combustion Festival in Atlanta, the Toronto Improv Festival, the Chicago Improv Festival, the Ladies Are Funny Festival and Out of Bounds Festival, both held in Austin, TX. They are excited to be back in one of their favourite cities (BOSTON!) to play with all the funny ladies! Don't miss these gals! You will have a laugh-out-loud good time at the show and an even better time crushing brews with them after!

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Boston Comedy Chicks Sunday Best Workshop and Show