Lynne Parker on 'How the Brits do it'

Lynne Parker, founder and award-winning producer of Funny Women, will guide you through the UK comedy scene. Lynne set up Funny Women in the UK 10 years ago with the Funny Women Awards and now produces an annual programme of shows and events to showcase female talent and help them get started in comedy. Nearly 2,000 women have expressed their comic voice through Funny Women in the UK, so Lynne has taken board what she’s learnt along the way and created a workshop formats that encourages women to embrace their funny side. She believes that humour is a valuable form of self-expression that women can develop to build self-confidence, improve relationships and enhance communications. Lynne will shed some light on what it takes to be a comic success in the UK. How to get gigs, find an agent and where to perform. She will talk about her experiences of putting on shows at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, the largest arts festival in the world, and how to get around the complex British comedy circuit as a new or unknown act. Lynne will explore the differences of being a female comic either side of the Atlantic – the nuances of language and difference of pace, the British proclivity for iro

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