Kelsie Huff

Kelsie Huff is a Chicago based stand up comedian, performing at venues such as Zanies, Chicago's Laugh Factory, UP Comedy, Mayne Stage, and throughout the suburbs. She has also performed at several comedy festivals last year including, New Orleans, North Carolina, Boston Women in Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and Chicago Funny Female Festival. Huff's humor has "an infectious joyousness that makes you happy to be alive" and she "makes confident choices and creates loud, defined characters that are both unbearable and hilarious". Kelsie has been described as a "Midwestern American Intangible Cultural Treasure" who makes the audience feel as though they have been transported from a dark comedy club to a private slumber party. Like most Chicago comedians Kelsie studied at iO and Second City. While nailing her object work and "yes anding" her heart out she met Amy Sumpter and formed the two women sketch comedy team Children of the Absurd. Their signature show titled "10% Less Fat" focused on the absurdity of female body image and was performed all over the Midwest.

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