Christa Weiss

Straight out of art school with the style to match, Christa is one of only comedians in Boston capable of drawing an anatomically correct dick on a bathroom wall. Delightfully misanthropic and thought provoking, Christa fears nothing. Nothing except bees. Bees and the inevitable blackness of death., she likes you? Let’s be friends. Christa is the February 2014 Comic in Residence at the Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA. She recently auditioned for the 2013 Riot LA Comedy Festival, participated in the inaugural Chicago Women’s Funny Festival in 2012, the 2011 & 2013 Women in Comedy Festival, the 2012 Granite Comedy Festival, the 2013 North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival and is a featured performer on Rooftop Comedy. She is also the head writer and editor for, the premier resource for comedians in Boston and has written for the Women in Comedy Festival blog.

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