Julie Bane

Julie Bane first took to the comedy stage at Acme’s Funniest Person Contest. For her it was just another thing to check off her bucket list and she had planned to do it with a friend she met in improv class. That friend never signed up for the contest but Julie went ahead anyway. And while she ran the light her very first time on stage, she received huge praise and compliments from that night’s feature comedian and friends of that night’s winner. Encouraged by their kind words but paralyzed with fear, it took her ten months to get back on stage. Since that time she hasn’t looked back. Julie draws her humor from every day life; marrying her high school sweetheart, being a Participation Medal, volunteering, being the Phil Mickelson of comedy contests, and the crazy situations she finds herself in every day. In addition to stand-up comedy Julie has taken improv classes, sketch writing classes, and has done voice over work. She has appeared as an extra in several movies including Thin Ice, Potpourri, and the yet to be released Ultimate Redemption. Julie’s homespun comedy has allowed her to entertain at comedy clubs, fundraisers, corporate events, colleges & churches.

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