Natalie Norman

Natalie Norman is from Toronto, Canada and her comedy is force of nature and a huge embarrassment says her Jewish parents. She is often political, sometimes smart, and always hilarious. Don't be fooled by her pretty weave. She is a fierce feminist and a Spice Girls enthusiast, who loves talking about her period. She may or may not have a 5 minute long joke about her period (she definitely does). For three years Natalie has been rocking the Toronto comedy scene like it’s her job, even though she gets paid very little. Natalie was also recently featured in Post City Magazine’s “meet a comedian” segment . She was in the 2012 fresh meat giving attention to the most promising up and coming comedians. Natalie was featured at the 2013 Canadian Music Week. Natalie’s proudest accomplishment is producing the Humourless Feminists Comedy Show, in conjunction with Slutwalk Toronto, and the stand-up show Stories for the Red Tent . These two highly successful shows raised money for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre and Planned Parenthood Toronto.

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