Heather Jones

Heather Jones is Midwest comedian who has been performing stand-up for the past six years. While she is quirky and irreverent her humor easily transitions from "the girl next door" to "biting". She has much source material as she is married with six children...all hers, and yes, they all have the same father. Her home club is the Funny Bone in Omaha where she is a regular as well as at Backline Improv Theatre where she performs with several improv teams. Heather has performed at the She-Devil Comedy Festival in NYC, the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas and the Comedy 10K competition in Iowa where she advanced to the semi-finals. Heather is very honored to be nominated for an Omaha Arts and Entertainment Award for "Best Comedian" and recently signed a deal with Nickelodeon for a web series based on her stand-up material which will be available soon at nickmom.com.

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