Erika Welch

I’ve started dance-offs, been pulled over for speeding with a mangled straight-jacket in the back-seat. I have been caught in some really bad shoes, been caught leaving price tags on said bad shoes. I have found out the more time I have to spend getting ready the worse I look. My name is Erika Welch and I am a comedian. I have performed in improv comedy troupes, acted in bad commercials, corporate videos and award winning short films. I have been crashing open-mic nights in Boston (on and off) for years and recently found a niche performing MomCOM to charity events across the city and NH . I have performed at Improv Boston, Improv Asylum, the old Comedy Connection, Remington’s, Emerald Isle, 3-Gs and a bunch of other local bars without windows. I have relied on humor and sarcasm to avoid situations with family, work and both state and municipal authorities.

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