All Girl Revue, Cocoon Central Dance Team, Somebody's in the Doghouse

Friday, March 23, 2012

8:00 pm at ImprovBoston (mainstage)

All Girl Revue (LA), Cocoon Central Dance Team, Somebody's in the Doghouse (New York/Boston). One part improv, one part dance, one part sketch, three parts awesome. With credits ranging from legendary film and television to Second city, these groups are not to be missed.


Remember when you and your cousins made up that dance to Mariah Carey's "Fantasy" at Uncle Stanley's barbecue? COCOON CENTRAL DANCE TEAM is exactly like that but it's 2011.

Somebody's in the Doghouse

S in the Do is Leah Gotcsik and Marty Johnson. We write character-driven sketches that are topical, sharp, and a little screwball. Then we perform the SH*T out of them.

The All Girl Revue

Some of the funniest women in L.A.. A group of highly skilled improvisers at the top of their game performing a montage of scenes from one suggestion. Comedy with Curves.

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