Anderson Comedy: Stand-Up Comedy Showcase at the Middlesex, Hosted by Rob Crean and Lillian DeVane

Thursday, March 22, 2012

7:00 pm at Middlesex

WICF partners with Anderson Comedy to present the Stand-Up Comedy Showcase at the Middlesex Lounge in Central Square, Cambridge. Anderson Comedy produces shows all around boston, featuing local and national acts. 

Hillary Buckholtz

Hillary Buckholtz is a comedian, publicist, and blogger based in Washington, DC.

Rob Crean

I tell jokes about pop culture and other sad things.

Lillian DeVane

Lillian DeVane enjoys mocking the under-mocked portions of society and also herself.

Kate Ghiloni

Kate Ghiloni’s satirical comedy is just like America—where the personal is political and everyone is just trying to find a bedfellow, whether strange or simply a stranger.

Stacey Hallal - Irregardless

Comedian Stacey Hallal delivers smart, sharp insights with such a winning charm that you never even feel the sting in this excerpt from Irregardless, her latest stand up show.

Matt Kona

Stand Up Comedy done by a Matt Kona.

Amanda Brooke Perrin

Stand-up comedian, woman, lover, child, not a mother. Like that Meredith Brooks song... but not a bitch. So, like a third of that song is true about this comedian.

Ashley Brooke Roberts

Ashley Brooke Roberts is a comedian. And human animal.

Annie Solstad

Annie Solstad is a NYC based comedienne who regales audiences with tales of planning a wedding, buying pregnancy tests and being wasted off cheap wine. She is class.

Alice Wetterlund

Alice Wetterlund is a fetching phenom from Brooklyn who throws goofy and cutting punches at serial gropers and craigslist perverts, without breaking an unladylike sweat.

Jessica Gross

Jessica Gross is a featured comedian, illustrator, host and new media producer. She lives in New York with her dog, Maynard.

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