Bearcats, The Dowry, Harry Roasts America, Hosted by Raj Sivaraman

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

8:00 pm at ImprovBoston (studio)

Join Bearcats for improv, The Dowry for sketch , and Harry Roasts America for a special ladies' edition of firey commentary on all things American. Hosted by Raj Sivaraman (Finalist New York Comedy Competition, Boston News Net).


Bearcats brings together some of the best comedy talent in Boston. Our backgrounds vary from free form to Harold to sketch, and, yes, we all happen to be ladies.

The Dowry

Conceived by comedy fans in Boston, the Dowry has been providing pithy, hilarious, and straight-up fun sketch comedy since 2007.

Harry Roasts America! Ladies' Edition!

We tackle everyone who is deserving of a good roast and all of America is our target! And for WICF we take on a group who is most deserving. Women. Am I right Ladies!?!?

Raj Sivaraman

Dr. Raj Sivaraman, full-time genius, part-time hyperbolizer.