Michelle and Micah, The Scene, and Chris Fleming, Hosted by Aaron Haber

Friday, March 23, 2012

7:00 pm at ImprovBoston (studio)

Michelle and Micah (Boston/NY) perform their well-received two-person show. New York's "The Scene" performs a one-act play in one location, plus a stand-up set from Chris Fleming (HBO US Comedy and Arts Festival ). Hosted by stand-up comedian Aaron Haber (World Comedy Club, Comedy Central).

Michelle and Micah

Michelle Barbera (WICF, ImprovBoston Mainstage) and Micah Sherman (Second City, Improv Asylum Mainstage) perform their two-person improv show.

The Scene

The Scene is a weekly showcase of improvised one act plays.

Chris Fleming

Based in Los Angeles county, Chris Fleming is an outrageous and very physical performer who is down for whatever.

Aaron Haber

Aaron Haber is 100% imaginary, but his weirdo stand up comedy is at least 93% real funny.

Boston Comedy Chicks Sunday Best Workshop and Show

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