Friday Night Musical Comedy Showcase

Friday, March 23, 2012

10:00 pm at ImprovBoston (mainstage)

Ninja Sex Party (NY), Delilah Dix (NY), Rogue Burlesque (Boston), and Kurt Zipfel (LA) will rock your world with glam rock, odes to Jack Johnson, cabaret, and a little T&A.

Delilah Dix-What A Bunch Of Dix!

Delilah Dix is back! And by that, I mean she woke up in the employee bathroom at The Paul Revere house, with a weird tattoo of Justin Beiber on her boob. Wanna hear about it?

Ninja Sex Party

Ninja Sex Party is music. It is comedy. It is a guy in a kimono who sings and another guy in a ninja costume who plays the piano. Seriously: This band is amazing.

WICF Goes Rogue...with Rogue Burlesque!

Rogue Burlesque brings brilliant bawdiness and slapstick striptease back to WICF! The notorious Liz Fang emcees this ribald evening of comedy at its skimpiest!

Boston Comedy Chicks Sunday Best Workshop and Show

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