Grandma's Basement: Beards and Broads, Hosted by Matt Kona

Friday, March 23, 2012

9:00 pm at Grandma's Basement

Grandma's Basement at the Howard Johnson's in the Fenway area (Go Sox!) has garnered a lot of buzz (except around host Matt Kona's beard, which remains biblically untrimmed) for its quirky and cool comedy nights full of surprises. 

Matt Kona

Stand Up Comedy done by a Matt Kona.

Lisa Corrao

From Florida! Lisa Corrao is host of The Jerk Show, has performed in The South Beach Comedy Festival and The Boston Comedy Festival, and travels the country as a comic.

Tom Dunlap

He's a dude! TomPunlap - Tweets! - Comedy club! - Complaining!

Eliana Horeczko's Stand Up

Eliana Horeczko. 5 foot 3. Hates sushi. Loves puppies. Has thoughts. Lots of them.

Vicky Kuperman

Vicky Kuperman Stand-up Comedy

Beantown Brat

Kevin Laferriere speaks of life on his own and life with his fiancee. His hilarious observations of NYC life and growing up in MA are sure to strike a chord with any audience.

Kat Radley

Kat Radley performs stand-up in clubs, colleges, and festivals across the country, and was the recipient of the Friars Club Audience Award at WICF in 2011.

Sarah Tollemache

A series of small anecdotes and observations

Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf is a stand up comedian from New York. She's performed at Caronlines, the Women in Comedy Festival, Austin Out of Bounds Festival, and all over NYC

Jono Zalay

Jono Zalay does standup. He is a man. But enjoys lady things. Like WICF. And boobs.

Boston Comedy Chicks Sunday Best Workshop and Show

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