A Night of Oral (Tradition), Hosted by Jessica Sutich

Sunday, March 25, 2012

7:00 pm at ImprovBoston (mainstage)

Jessica Sutich hosts a night of storytelling.

Jess Sutich

Jess Sutich is a stand-up comedian, improvisor and storyteller and combines those styles to create a unique funny act of over-sharing about her life. She hopes it's charming.

Melanie Angelina Maras: Girlfriends

A true tale about befriending a woman with no other girlfriends that involves a Russian, rabbit poop, and a threesome.


Boston comic Laura Clark shares tales from a youth riddled with pathetic attempts at rebellion-- from her first foray into back-sass, to awkward stabs at being a "fast girl".

Kambri Crews

Producer, storyteller and author of BURN DOWN THE GROUND, a memoir about her chaotic childhood living in a tin shack with deaf parents and her imprisoned father.

The History of Women in 30 Minutes

From Eve to Oprah, from Cleopatra to Gaga, women’s history gets the mile-a-minute treatment in a show that won’t make you say the c-word.

Halle Kiefer: Pony Eulogy

Halle Kiefer's storytelling show Pony Eulogy memorializes the passing of her childhood pet horse, as well as the perturbing, comical way her family handled its death.

dina pearlman storytelling

Dina Pearlman is a story-slam winner with the Moth in NYC and has appeared on their podcasts several times. She tells humorous stories about strife and inner torment.

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