A Night of Oral (Tradition), Hosted by Jessica Sutich

Sunday, March 25, 2012

7:00 pm at ImprovBoston (mainstage)

Jessica Sutich hosts a night of storytelling.

Jess Sutich

Jess Sutich is a stand-up comedian, improvisor and storyteller and combines those styles to create a unique funny act of over-sharing about her life. She hopes it's charming.

Melanie Angelina Maras: Girlfriends

A true tale about befriending a woman with no other girlfriends that involves a Russian, rabbit poop, and a threesome.


Boston comic Laura Clark shares tales from a youth riddled with pathetic attempts at rebellion-- from her first foray into back-sass, to awkward stabs at being a "fast girl".

Kambri Crews

Producer, storyteller and author of BURN DOWN THE GROUND, a memoir about her chaotic childhood living in a tin shack with deaf parents and her imprisoned father.

The History of Women in 30 Minutes

From Eve to Oprah, from Cleopatra to Gaga, women’s history gets the mile-a-minute treatment in a show that won’t make you say the c-word.