Official WICF Open Mic, Hosted by Jean Paul Rivera and Tom Dunlap

Thursday, March 22, 2012

7:00 pm at Grandma's Basement

Come catch your only FREE opportunity to see WICF 2012 stand-up comedians strut their stuff in this award-winning night of free-wheeling comedy. Get there early to ensure you get a seat. Full chinese menu available! Can't beat that. Hosted by Jean Paul Rivera and WICF 2012 performer Tom Dunlap.

Grandma's Basement Thursday Open Mic

Grandma's Basement is not actually a basement, but a Wednesday through Sunday comedy venue hidden within the Fenway Howard Johnson Hotel (1271 Boylston St., Boston).

Tom Dunlap

He's a dude! TomPunlap - Tweets! - Comedy club! - Complaining!

Boston Comedy Chicks Sunday Best Workshop and Show

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