Pig: A Restaurant and Sue Galloway in Pose: A Magazine

Friday, March 23, 2012

7:00 pm at ImprovBoston (mainstage)

You’re invited to the opening party for Pig: A Restaurant, SoSoSoWa's hottest new eatery. Join luminaries like model/actress/hostess Aurora, supplier Ian (of Mattapan’s preeminent household farm), and Top Chef quarter finalist Annie as they usher in the most pork-obsessed restaurant in Boston. Starring Lauren Conlin Adams Written by Leila Cohan-Miccio Directed by Caitlin Bitzegaio Videos by Adam Sacks. 

Praise for Pig: A Restaurant:
 “If you’re a food nerd, you probably want to see this."
- Raphael Brion, Eater

“Written with wit and bite...directed with style...and performed superbly." - Hy Bender, HyReviews

“A must-see.”
- Alyssa Shelasky, Grub Street

“The restaurant world is already so full of absurdity and self-parody that you wouldn’t think a comedy show about it could improve on reality. But oh my god, Pig: A Restaurant kills it. The sexually voracious be-hatted critic, the precisely-calculated bad-boy chef, the vacuously hostessing model-slash, the cooking show contestant nearing meat psychosis — everything about it is totally, completely based in reality, and that’s what makes it so ridiculously, spectacularly amazing."
- Helen Rosner, Saveur

Join Sue Galloway (Saturday Night Live Contributor, 30 Rock) in her one-woman show Pose: A Magazine

As you probably know, there is currently a severe discrepancy in the women's beauty industry. Women's magazines are giving a lot of lofty advice, and women -- well, women simply aren't paying enough attention. This staged magazine will show women, in painstaking detail, how to live the perfect life. Live in the hippest neighborhoods, wear the rightest clothing, open the properest bottles, hit the downest clubs. Life is a competition and you win or you die. We, the magazine editors, urge you to choose life, no matter what adjustments you'll have to make to your face.

Pig: A Restaurant

Pig: A Restaurant is a satire of the contemporary restaurant world.