Stand-Up Showcase, Hosted by Nate Johnson

Thursday, March 22, 2012

9:30 pm at ImprovBoston (studio)

Biologically, females are more inclined to menstruate than males. But let's face it- everyone (men AND women) has those days when you just want to punch someone in the face, eat a whole bag of chips by yourself, and/or do both at the same time. The show will be hosted, by Nate Johnson, whose primary pedigree includes occasionally being overemotional, neurotic, irritable, and prone to crying and will feature original stand up from comics whose pedigrees may include occasionally being overemotional, neurotic, irritable, and prone to crying. 

Nate Johnson

Nate has been doing standup and sketch comedy for about 10 years. Appearing in numerous festivals and producing his own shows.

Kate Berlant

Kate Berlant is a rising presence in the alt. NYC stand-up scene. Her wildly unpredictable absurdity has caused others to describe her act as "if David Lynch did standup."

Ken Reid

Ken's unique and very personal story telling style has gained him a loyal fan base in the area.

Shannon DeVido

Shannon is a stand up comedian who draws on her unique perspective as a wheelchair user. She blends real stories from her life with great sarcasm for an entertaining show.

Justy Dodge

Sarcastic and sharp tongued, Justy Dodge shares her personal stories and anecdotes , with a uniquely dark sense of humor.

Jessica Gross

Jessica Gross is a featured comedian, illustrator, host and new media producer. She lives in New York with her dog, Maynard.

truen kirk stand up

Listen to jokes about awesome moms, farting, sexy cashiers, organic produce, mother theresa, as well as Truen's guaranteed to be helpful marriage tips.