Stand-Up Comedy Hosted by Rob Crean and Lillian DeVane

Thursday, March 21, 2013

7:00 pm at Milky Way

Stand-Up Comedy Featuring: 

Hosts: Rob Crean and Lillian DeVane

Christa Weiss, Shea Spillane, Alana Eisner, Anna Drezen, Casey Malone, Christi Chiello, Charlene Mae, and Shannon DeVido

Lillian DeVane

Erryday I'm LOL

Christa Weiss

Neurotic & misanthropic in the cutest way, Christa might not be the best role model for your kids, but she's sure to make you laugh if you’ve ever had to bail one out of jail.

Shea Spillane

Irreverent, sassy, and walking a fine line between inappropriate and polite, the stand-up comedy of Shea Spillane has a crass yet classy flair unlike anyone else.

Alana Eisner

Hailing from all over the place, Alana's comedy is a mix of dry wit and sassy energy.

Anna Drezen

Anna Drezen is one of the year's freshest new comics out of NYC. Her confessional, cerebral style covers everything from dating to porn with a unique perspective.

Shannon DeVido

Shannon DeVido has had an interesting life, so far. She spins her stories into witty, funny and poignant tales from a life at butt level.

Casey Malone

Casey Malone does stand up comedy? Enh? Try it, you might like it.

Christi Chiello

Armed with a quirky voice and ridiculous love for pop culture; Christi Chiello disarms you with cuteness while slinging her unique and hilarious brand of absurd humor.

Charlene Mae

From CBS's Rules of Engagement

Boston Comedy Chicks Sunday Best Workshop and Show

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