Stand-Up Showcase at Club Passim (Friday, 7pm)

Friday, May 9, 2014

7:00 pm at Club Passim


Hosted by Matt Kona

Matt Kona

Matt Kona is a regular on the Boston Comedy Scene. Matt’s dark sense of humor pokes fun at topics from the mundane to the taboo with short punchy jokes and bizarre stories.

Alingon Mitra

Winner of the 2013 Boston Comedy Festival, Alingon Mitra has quickly earned a strong reputation in the scene with his sharp jokes and affable presence. In addition to performi

Janet McNamara

Janet is a Boston stereotype with an awkwardly charming energy. Someone once posted on her Youtube video that she was 'funny.' The veredict is in, she's hilarious.

Phoebe Angle

A weird, witty, generally confused, know it all. Crass, but charming. She makes light of life in a hilarious way. Phoebe Angle, never obtuse.

John Baglio

Young and agile, John Baglio has appeared at comedy clubs, colleges, casinos, and festivals throughout the country. He's a really swell guy once you get to know and love him.

August O'neal

The Marilyn Monroe of Comedy..the funniest, sexiest, black-blonde bombshell since BEYONCE.

Kevin Hall

Kevin started doing standup as a student at Boston College. He's performed all throughout the East Coast and was accepted to this year's Boston Comedy Festival.

TJ Spaulding

TJ Spaulding shares her uniquely funny perspective on relationships, family, and life as she knows it.

Anthony Scibelli

Anthony Scibelli is a handsome stand-up comedian and comedy writer. His material examines topics as varied as life, death, video games, sex, rock 'n' roll and video games.