Stand-Up Showcase at Club Passim (Thursday, 8pm)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

8:00 pm at Club Passim

Hosted by Lamonte Price

Lamont Price

Lamont Price has appeared with numerous big name comedians such as Dane Cook, Tommy Davidson and Alonzo Boden. Look out for his movie Overserved.

Jessie Baade

Jessie Baade is a Boston stand up comic as well as herself and a member of Rogue Burlesque and The Boston Circus Guild as other people.

Mike O'Brien

Mike O'Brien brings his life of breakup, tv, and craigslist roomates to the stage.

Niraj Shah

Niraj Shah: Comedian. Awesome Guy. Smells Nice.

Rye Silverman

Rye Silverman is a genderfluid comedian based out of Los Angeles with a sense of humor that is sarcastic and dry, yet often darkly silly and deeply personal.